Newborn Session Prep Guide

Newborn Session Prep Guide

You've booked your session... now what?

I'll be guiding you through the entire process of your newborn photo shoot. Ideally, newborn sessions take place within the first 2 weeks. However, they can take place through the first month, in many cases. Once your baby makes an appearance, try your best to notify me via email or text that baby is here.

Once your session date is set, you can refer back to this guide for tips to prepare for your session.

Family Photos

Most packages include a series of family poses. For sessions that include young siblings, we will work through these at the start of your session. If the family includes parents only, these will be taken at the end of your session.

I recommend dressing in solid and neutral colors. Avoid patterns and logos, if possible. My family backdrops are usually a cream color or black.

My studio is downtown with plenty of places within walking distance, so feel free to talk a walk or grab coffee during the shoot.


How should I prepare baby?

Try your best to tire out baby the morning of your session. We want her to be extremely sleepy.

What should I bring?

- A soft blankie
- Milk (either bottled or come prepared to nurse)
- A pacifier, if baby uses one

What can I expect?

Your session will last about 2-3 hours. Be prepared for a hot studio. I keep the room very warm so that babies stay snuggly and sleepy. Dress in layers, or even dress comfortably and bring clothes to change into for your photos.

Do I need to bring anything else?

Nope! I will provide all outfits and props. Once a date is set, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out to gauge what your preference are.