Family Fun!

One kind of session in particular that I love is a family session with a mixture in ages of children.

Allison trusted me to capture some playfully sweet family photos of her tribe, which included her hubby and three babies, all of different ages! It makes for a really fun dynamo having kids ranging from 1 to pre-teen!


So the smiles and giggles are great… but when there are children involved - specifically toddlers - you should expect a level of resistance. And that’s OK! Kids are kids! My interest in capturing the real YOU. When I look back at photos of my family, of course I want to see the sweet smiles of my kiddos. but my daughter, Olive, is wild… and I want to see that, too!


So let your kids be wild! I will bring the lollipops and the rattles, and you bring you A-game! We may be a sweaty mess after wrangling the kiddos, but I promise promise promise that you will appreciate all the moments between smiling and meltdown.

I also want to capture those sweet chubby baby cheeks! Jojo is celebrating a birthday SOON and is so so dear! I thought I was going to witness her first real walking, but not quite! We were all cheering her on, hoping those few single steps would turn into strides!


Pre-teens, though… are not always this fun! This sweet girl rocked her shoot. She dabbed with dad, showed off her mani, told me all about her trip to London to see The Spice Girls (!!!), how she is the Jojo Siwa.

My Post (9).jpg

Family sessions are just the best. To see the relationships, the dynamics, and smiles, and pouts… it all makes for a gallery that shows off your family exactly how it is in this very moment in your life. So embrace it, and trust someone to capture it who truly understand the importance of just a task

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