Woodland Wedded Bliss

What. A. Couple.

Ashley + Jason had one of the most quaint, intimate, and beautiful weddings I’ve witnessed. Every detail given so much thought and love, from the bouquet, to the vows, to the playlist. Tucked into a corner of New Germany State Park, the late afternoon wedding was one for the books.

Ashley had a stunning champagne gown, and the bridesmaids - her sisters - wore muted robin’s egg blue. Accents of this blue were throughout the bouquets, decorations, and cake.

Jason had just one groomsman… his dad. It was touching to see such a close relationship between the two.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and packed full of sincerity & adoration. It’s crystal clear to everyone that these two are meant to be. Just take a look for yourself.

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Strawberry Goodness

Every May, one of our favorite traditions (now in year 5!) is to go Strawberry picking at Higsons Farm in Wiley Ford, WV

We take home about 10lb of the sweetest, juciest strawberries you’ll ever taste! They sell them by the quart, but it is way more fun to pick our own.


This is the first year that Olive has been into it. I knew before we went that I would want to grab a few photos of my sweet girl. If you know anything about her… well, you know that this was not easy. She is a strong willed little girl! But still, we threw on some overalls and headed out. I considered wiped the yuck from her dirty toddler face, but decided it fit the strawberry farmer feel… and it is so Olive to have a grubby little face.

I also learned this week that it is more important now than ever to slow down to capture moments that seem so ordinary. We spent Saturday with my grandparents, and it donned on me that life is flying by at an alarming rate. I have to remember to capture them and hold onto them tight. I don’t want to be the mom that never lives in the moment, but rather through the screen of my phone set to Camera… but I also want to be able to look back and remember these days, as these are the best of my life.



Skylar, WVU Senior

Skylar, Skylar, SKYLAR!

She has just wrapped up her senior year at West Virginia University and will soon be graduating with a degree is Psychology, with plans to keep on keepin’ on with her education. And let me tell you… she is a ray of freaking sunshine.

When we met in Morgantown for her shoot, it was one of those days when I had to bring my smallest babe, Scout, who was about 2.5 months old at the time. Holding a baby and a camera has become pretty way for me, and Skylar was more than willing to let her tag along. We navigated through a corner of WVU campus, finding the colorful and lively vibes for her session. We ended with what I knew would be some of my most favorite senior photos.

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I knew enough about Skylar to know that florals and boho and vintage are. her. THING. So she led me to the WVU Core Arboretum where we finished our session with some of most beautiful greenery and blossoms. I’m telling you… it was the most perfect day. Ideally, I like to shoot in the ever-so-lovely golden hour, but this was at noon on a sunny day. We embraced it. After all, someone who emits so much joy and light deserves the sunniest day… and that is exactly what we got.

I’m telling you… seniors photos do not have to be boring. And again… SENIOR PHOTOS DO NOT HAVE TO BE BORING. Your seniors photos can dazzle your IG followers and even a few that Grandma will love.

Congratulations, Skylar! You have earned this, and you will go on to do great things.

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